What is web companion ? Should i remove it ?

What is web companion: Ad-Aware Web companion is a Computer program made by Software Development company Lavasoft. Lavasoft claims that this windows software protect people from browser hijacking attempts and provide protection to his computer.

As per Wikipedia Lavasoft is now hiding hard-to uninstall programs into third-party software’s and users are getting tricket to install them, e.g. Lavasoft Web Companion and K-Lite Codec Pack changes a users browser home-page without even asking him first.

What is web companion

What is web companion

What is Web companion ? Should i remove it ?

Generally Lawasoft Web companion software get’s installed itself on your computer with other freeware Software’s, and It also change your browser Homepage. Since Lavasoft claims that web companion is an Security program, but we know that it Generally get’s installed Itself without our permission. It also Installs some third party unknown software’s in our computer’s, change some computer and browser setting’s and change our browser homepage. After we notice these kind of specious behaviour from Lavasoft Ad-Aware Web Companion we consider it as a Malware. If lavasoft web companion installed itself on your computer we advice you to remove it right now.

How did Lavasoft web companion get installed on my computer ?

Lavasoft web companion or Ad-aware web companion get’s installed on computer with some third party software’s. Generally It come’s with software’s you downloaded for free

How do i prevent Web companion from getting installed on my computer ?

To prevent web companion from getting installed on your computer you need to follow below instruction’s

  1. Whenever you install any free tool or software on your computer, check carefully on every step and uncheck the web companion option.
  2. Install good Antivirus on your computer.
  3. Try to avoid freeware’s (free softwares)

How to Uninstall or remove Web companion from my computer?

To uninstall or remove web companion you can read my another article about How to uninstall web companion.

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What is web companion ? Should i remove it ?
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