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AltHow blog is just a new blog with over 5+ bloggers/Authors  who have been working hard and posting one or more posts as well they get paid for it by putting their ad-sense code in their posts. Read these guidelines to ensure that your posts get approved and to join AltHow blog.

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althowblog is a New blogging community. I always encourage New bloggers to contribute the original article related to the topics of our blog (Which are, How-to tutorials, Life hacks, tips and tricks, Trending and Tech news.) in order to show them in front of wide audience.

AltHow blog has been online since January 2017 and is getting a great amount of feedback in the blogging and online marketing. Our purpose is to reach the large amount of audience, share your talents, and Get paid for what you do .

Let me share a few more reasons why contributing to AltHow blog is a good idea:

We allow our author’s and bloggers to put their adsense code in their blog post’s, It mean’s you will get paid for your work. Here is a video tutorial about how to add your adsense code to our blog click here.


Before you join AltHow blog, let me tell you some tips and important things for you to consider when submitting your post to ensure that it gets accepted.

How can you become a AltHow contributor, blogger, member, or author?

To become a regular author at AltHow blog, here are some tips that will help you to get your article accepted and published:

  • Write content’s Which are Mainly focused on the quality and value to your readers.
  • Do some research before submitting your posts to avoid already published ideas.
  • Do not just copy-paste your articles from other blogs, It may give you a permanent ban into AltHow blog.
  • Article Quality: Articles should have a minimum number of 800 words and must have the topic in detail. The Incomplete details are like not fully cooked food nobody love’s the incomplete articles. I take the quality at first. write the original articles which is written specially for AltHow blog audience.
  • Credits: We respect’s every individual’s  work and if your idea is Copied of someone else’s work, the please feel free to give them a credit. As well as for the images that you are going use on your posts. Give the credit where it is needed.
  • Video’s and Screenshot’s : A single Images speak’s thousand words. Add the images to convey your messages, but don’t add them just for the formality. If you’re going to writing tutorial’s, then take the screenshot’s. If you are writing conversational topics, use Flickr to find lively and related images.
    • If yo’re a video blogger, then you can also submit your video to AltHow blog’s Youtube channel. Just drop me an email after creating a video, and i will guide you about how to submit the videos.
  • Self-promotions:  We don’t allow any backlinks or anything like this but You can get a chance to build a Great brand for yourself by contributing your posts to AltHow blog.
  • Copyright: We respect everyone’s brand  and work. In any case if we found that you copied a post from someone else, you will get a direct removal of all your posts including yourself from AltHow blog. As well by submitting a post to the AltHow blog you get the copyright ownership of your post. It helps us to deal with the DMCA related issues.
  • Comments: You have full right to reply on the comments which come to your posts, It will give you more popularity and seo.
  • Search Engine Optimization: We will provide you Yoast SEO plugin into your dashboard so that it will help you to write some seo optimized posts and will help you to engage more audience and earnings.

Contribute your post to the AltHow blog.

If you have read all above mentioned  guidelines and understood them, here is the way you can submit the article to AltHow blog.

Just send your idea and post title to [email protected]

If you get approved, then I will create a new author profile for you and then you can submit the post from our dashboard.

(Note: any kind of unrelated or useless submission will not be entertained.)

If you are having any kind of query regarding our guest posting system at AltHow blog, let us know via the contact form.